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My Name is Tobias, web-designer by profession, located in old Europe. Critical-Hit! is my independent board-game development company focused on self publishing casual and midcore games of all kinds. I believe that my tiny company is different from other game developers for various reasons:

  • Honesty. My games are stand-alone with optional expansions. There is no CCG, TCG or any other “pay-to-win” model to it. All my titles are designed to be playable out of the box. In addition, I also offer free titles for download to print-and-play.
  • Virtue. I do not believe in “crowd funding” (such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Startnext). My business risk should never be passed on to my customers. I am responsible for my own success and this forces me to produce only the highest quality of games.
  • Humility. Direct interaction with the community is important to me. The people who play my games are the lifeblood of my company and I will strive to let every voice be hard. For that reason, Im currently in the process of creating a forum to allow community interaction. Players will also be able to post their own ideas and influence future expansions of my games.

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Critical-Hit! – Independent Game Development by Tobias Strunz (Germany, Europe).
Contact: tobias[at]critical-hit.biz