d13 – free oldschool browser game engine

d13 is a free browser game engine that allows you to build your own multiplayer online strategy game. Browser games where all the craze from the early 90’s until 2010 but are nowadays a niche market with doubtful future. The aim of this engine is to resurge the good old times of browser based gaming. d13 is suitable for smaller (several hundred players) tick based empire building games that follow the 4X concept: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. Despite its oldschool look and feel, d13 comes as a fully OOP, MVC web-application that features a responsive design as well as great flexibility. You can easily add troops, buildings and technologies and create templates and skins for the project as well.

Note: This project is still in active development. d13 is currently Release Candiate 0 (RC0), it is NOT recommended to build a full fledged game based on it yet. Please wait until d13 reaches Release Candiate 1 (RC1) – this will mark the first, stable release ready for production.

(note: some graphics shown in demonstration videos are not included)


  • Easily customizeable within the given parameters
  • Create your own game without editing a single line of code
  • Based on Devana by Andrei Busuioc – www.devana.eu 
  • Uses Framework7 by Vladimir Kharlampidi – www.framework7.io 
  • Uses free Graphics by Kenney – www.kenney.nl
  • Responsive “Mobile First” Design
  • Simple Template Engine
  • Simple Caching Engine
  • Small Scale Multiplayer (100s up to 1.000 of players)


  • This is great! Is it free? [yes]
  • Hey, what the heck is a browser-game? [please see here]
  • Nah, I don’t like it! [go here instead]
  • Can I create a commercial game based on this? [yes]
  • Can I modify and re-distribute the code? [yes]
  • Can I use the default graphics commercially? [yes]
  • Does it work on mobile/tablet as well? [yes]
  • Can I offer paid service or create bits of code and then sell them? [yes]
  • I’ve built a game using d13 – you want to see?  [yes, drop me a line]
  • Can I sell the engine itself? [no, please go here]
  • Im stuck! Do you provide support? [no, please help yourself]
  • Can you add feature X? [no, please help yourself]
  • Can I make any other type of game than just strategy games? [no]
  • Is this a native APP? [no]
  • Can I put my game up on an appstore or steam? [no]
  • Can you build agame for me? [no]
  • Will you provide a plug-in system for this?  [no]
  • Is this engine suitable for large scale MMO’s? [no]