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New Project September 2016

After a long downtime, I finally started working on a brand new game project: Im shifting back to computer game programming once more as it is a browser based, multiplayer online game. The game is asynchonrous, so it is not a realtime competitive game like Hearthstone. Instead the active player has full control over his/her units while the other player is controlled by AI. Strategies and tactics are required to build and play a powerful attack team and you have to be even more clever when it is about buildling your defensive deck. The project is still in it’s early stages, but all the core functionality is already built-in. Expect some more news about this free game in autumn/winter.

My Name is Tobias, web-designer by profession, located in old Europe. Critical-Hit! is my independent board-game development company focused on self publishing casual and midcore games of all kinds. I believe that my tiny company is different from other game developers for various reasons:

  • Honesty. My games are stand-alone with optional expansions. There is no CCG, TCG or any other “pay-to-win” model to it. All my titles are designed to be playable out of the box. In addition, I also offer free titles for download to print-and-play.
  • Virtue. I do not believe in “crowd funding” (such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Startnext). My business risk should never be passed on to my customers. I am responsible for my own success and this forces me to produce only the highest quality of games.
  • Humility. Direct interaction with the community is important to me. The people who play my games are the lifeblood of my company and I will strive to let every voice be hard. For that reason, Im currently in the process of creating a forum to allow community interaction. Players will also be able to post their own ideas and influence future expansions of my games.

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Critical-Hit! – Independent Game Development by Tobias Strunz (Germany, Europe).
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